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Saturday, 17 November 2012


How To Be A Good Student!  

1. Get noticed!
Its about connecting you and your lecturer. My strategy is to be punctual for classes and ask question during the lecture. It is important because the lecturer will notice you and it can help them when giving marks for your assignment. Other way to get noticed is to sleep during the lecture but it’s not gonna be a good impression.
2. Breakfast
Lots of students used to skip breakfast. But I’ll try my best to eat at least Gardenia or Sweetie buns. You may read more about the benefits here. It works for me and I believe it works for you too.
3. Excel in coursework
It is important to get your course outline when semester begins. Study the percentage of coursework, quiz and exams. For design student, usually its a 10% attendance, 50-60% for all minor projects and 30-40% for final project. Next, understand the grade, A = 85-100%, A- = 75-84%. I guess you know how to score the subject. 8% attendance, 45% minor and 25% final and you will get 78% which is A-. Pretty easy huh?
4. Have a regular nap and sleeping hours
I used to have a nap either before or after Zohor prayer. This is important to make sure you can focus on evening classes. Don’t stay up late at night doing your work. If you really have to stay up, at least you should sleep at 2am and continue your work after Subuh prayer. Doing work or studying in the morning is good for memorization and focus!

5. Allocate Budget for Stationary and tools 
When you got your scholarship or study loan, provide some allocation for stationary and tools. Ask your seniors or lecturer what you should have for the courses on that semester. Don’t buy everything at once because you might not use them after all. Don’t be too stingy but spend wisely.
6. Your project is your portfolio
I always stick to this saying even if its a minor project. By treating your project as your portfolio, you are sure to do the best in your work. In addition, you also should treat your project which shall be qualified for a design competition. Then you can come up with a good design.

7. Good time management
Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Manage your time wisely to go for classes and doing assignment. If you involve with university programs, you’ll have more responsibility for meetings and activities. My tips; don’t sleep in the morning. Go to the office in the morning to meet the officers. If you meet them in the afternoon, I’m afraid your application will be processed on the next day.
8. Why so serious?
After all, everything seems so serious. Yeah, you also should spare some time for fun; play computer games, play bowling, swimming, ice skating and the list goes on. It is important to reduce stress.
9. Good references
With the internet technology, students have unlimited resources of reference. Just googleand you will find it. Don’t forget to subscribe their RSS feed or become a member to get updates and some freebies too.
10. Help your friend
By helping your friend and studiomates, you can become better on the subject. Don’t be too reserved with what you have. Share it with your friend, teach them Photoshop, 3DS Max and Flash. After all, you got nothing to lose!
11. Attitude
Attitude is the main ingredient if you want to become a successful person or a best student. Those points mentioned earlier won’t work without the right attitude.
12. Perform prayers, even when you are busy
As a Muslim, it is important to submit ourselves to Allah. After all the hardwork (make sure it is a hardwork), I believe Allah will reward those who works best (Itqan) yet still remembers Him, InsyaAllah.
I think there’s more but I just want to share my best practice. Different people have different styles. My last word, you can be the best in the university but the real challenge is to be the best in life and hereafter. Till then, all the best!